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For a reasonable fee, we will drive your vehicle and its contents between any two places in North America (except Canada to Canada). We specialize in situations that regular transport companies can't handle, including pets, vehicles packed with possessions and unusual or oversize vehicles.

We can drive Uhauls (including towed vehicles) for you, but we strongly recommend Penske trucks instead. Rates are usually lower; their trucks are usually newer, and their trucks usually have cruise control, which may figure into our  quote. (Stay away from Budget Truck Rental!) The larger Penske trucks (22' and 26') are diesel. (Diesel fuel is more expensive than unleaded but gets better mileage, so the fuel cost may be lower in the end.) For fuel mileage on a Penske, figure about 7.5 mpg (diesel) for a 26-foot truck towing a car, or 8 mpg when not towing a car. (Equivalent-sized Uhaul trucks use gasoline and do much worse: 5-6 mpg towing a car.) Smaller 10 foot trucks towing nothing may get closer to 10 mpg (unleaded). 

For a modest additional charge, We`ll take along your well-behaved dog, cat, bird, fish or iguana and will attend to its needs during the journey. As long as it's not big enough to eat us, we are open to negotiation.

We will drive any non-commercial vehicle not requiring a special license, including Uhauls and towed vehicles. (We avoid commercial vehicles because of the complex regulations involved.)  This is a door-to-door service where you will have direct contact with your driver at both ends.  Call RVG today!  956-587-3487    Also check out a helpful article about your move!