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RGV Household Services is the leading cleaning and junk removal company in Edinburg McAllen area. We offer commercial residential cleaning services and junk trash appliance removal and hauling services.



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For the last 10 years, your trusted and local hauler has been hauling away your unwanted junk. We offer fast and reliable junk removal and bulk trash pick up for the Edinburg Mission McAllen metro area. We donate and recycle as much of your stuff as possible including furniture and electronics. Our services include appliance recycling, mattress and furniture removal for donation and construction debris cleanup. If you want to have your garage or basement cleaned out or you have extra yard debris, we can help you dispose of your junk. We can also pick up and recycle your old TV or computer.

What RGV Hauling and Trash Removal does:

Furniture Removal:

Call the experts at RGV for your furniture removal needs. Is it time to get rid of that old couch? Do you want to donate some furniture but need help hauling it? Are you moving and have old furniture that is not coming to your new residence? RGV Hauling can help. You just point to the furniture and we will remove it from anywhere on your property… basements and apartments included! At RGV, we donate and recycle approximately 50% of all the ‘junk’ that we haul away! So rest assured that if your furniture is in decent condition, we will donate it to a local charity so someone else can get good use out of it. RGV furniture removal service gives your unwanted furniture a new lease on life!

Over the last 10 years, your locally owned and operated RGV Hauling and trash removal company has been responsibly picking up and hauling away furniture for Edinburg Mission McAllen residents. Our company is fully insured and our uniformed crews are efficient, courteous and professional.

Appliance Removal:

RGV Hauling Recycles Unwanted Appliances.

RGV Junk removal will haul away your appliances from anywhere on your property. Stoves, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc. We haul it all. Don’t worry about the fridge or freezer in your basement. Our experienced crews can remove them for you. Alternatively, if your appliance is in your garage, just tape up the doors and push it out. RGV haulers will stop by when you are at work and haul it away for you. You save some money and it is gone when you get home. Easy.

After we haul appliances away, RGV Hauling and trash removal recycles the unwanted appliances. We haul away your refrigerator or freezer and then we have the refrigerant removed by certified technicians.

Refrigerant Recovery:

EPA certified technicians must recover the refrigerant located in your fridge or freezer. Did you know that it is illegal to simply release or ‘vent’ the refrigerant into the atmosphere? Fines can be up to $32,000 per occurrence! Be environmentally responsible and have your appliance’s refrigerant handled correctly. Get it recycled.

Metal Recycling:

After the refrigerant has been recovered from your refrigerator, then most appliances can be recycled for the scrap metal. We take loads of metal, including appliances, to various recycling centers around Edinburg Mission McAllen.

Mattress Removal:

Mattress removal is tough!

The bottom line on residential mattress removal is that mattresses are big and awkward items and disposal options are limited. That is why mattress removal at RGV junk removal is a daily occurrence. Our clean-cut crews will remove your mattress and boxsprings from anywhere on your property…. upstairs, downstairs, basement, apartment… you name it! And rest assured, Junkman is fully insured to come into your home and haul away your mattress. Additionally, we try to donate mattresses to local charities whenever possible. Your mattress just needs to in good condition for this to happen. For 10 years, your locally owned and operated RGV hauler has been responsibly removing mattresses for Edinburg Mission McAllen residents. Our company is fully insured and our crews are efficient, courteous and prompt.

Construction Remodel Debris:

Tear out a kitchen or a bathroom? Take down an old fence or deck? Whatever kind of mess that you made, RGV Hauling can help you clean it up! Our experienced RGVhauling crews will load your construction debris or renovation debris into one of our trucks, thoroughly clean up the area and haul it away. It doesn’t matter where the pile of rubbish is located. We will load it from anywhere… backyard, garage, driveway, basement…You just point to it and we will take care of it. The heavy stuff is included as well. We regularly haul away bricks, concrete, dirt, sod and rocks.  So it doesn’t matter what it is or where it is, our RGV hauling crews can help you with the junk removal part of your renovation project!

So why use RGV Hauling instead of renting a dumpster?

We do the loading from all the tough spots!
Most dumpster companies do not accept appliances.
Sometimes there is not space to place a big dumpster.
You only pay for the space that your debris takes up in our trucks.
We get in and out of there in a flash while dumpsters sit around for a while.
At lower volumes, RGV hauling prices are very competitive with dumpster rentals and we provide the labor!

Hot Tub Removal:

Is it time to get rid of your old hot tub? Call RGV hauling, request our hot tub removal service and reclaim your backyard! We are Edinburg Mission McAllen`s hot tub removal specialists. Whether your hot tub is sitting on a deck or a back patio, our experienced RGV haulers will get your hot tub out of your backyard and into one of our trucks. Additionally, we can saw up your hot tub for easier removal if it is located in a very tight spot such as in an enclosed patio or inside a gazebo.

Hot tubs are big and bulky. This makes removal and disposal difficult. So call RGV Hauling! We have the crews, the experience and the equipment to remove your hot tub. For 10 years, your locally owned and operated RGV hauling has been responsibly removing hot tubs for rio grande valley  residents. 

​Garbage and Trash Removal:

3 Things You Need to Know About Junk Removal in Edinburg Mission McAllen:

Experience & Trust Matter
Local Prices vs ‘1-800’ Prices
Responsible Recycling and Disposal

Professional Crews:
You want a hauling company which has done it before and therefore all the different junk removal jobs become routine even the weird and difficult ones. From hot tubs and trampolines to office cleanouts and e-waste, RGV hauling has hauled it all…many times over. Over the course of 10 years in Edinburg Mission McAllen, we have developed techniques to best handle different types of junk. You point it out and we haul it away. Easy.

You want a junk removal company which you can trust. RGV hauling crews will come inside your home to remove pretty much anything, including furniture and appliances. Our crews are well trained, uniformed, courteous and professional. They will describe how they will remove your items and answer any of your questions prior to doing any work. 

Why pay more?
RGV Hauler has lower rates than our ‘1-800’ competitors. This means that we will remove more of your unwanted junk for less money. Also, we have no hidden costs. RGV hauling does not charge extra for labor, cleanup or disposal of your junk. When we get on site, we give you a final estimate on your junk removal job. There are no surprises and no unexplained extra charges.

What happens to your stuff?
RGV Household services believes that diverting as much material as possible from the landfills is important. That being said, we recycle and donate much of what we pick up. For example, tv’s and computers go to a local electronics recycler. Clean dirt and concrete gets recycled at  Recycling and Organics. Also, metals and cardboard gets recycled. As for furniture and general household items which are in good condition, RGV  makes donations to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Finally, no appliances end up in a landfill. All appliances are recycled.

Yard Waste: 

Since our beginning 10 years ago, RGV hauler has been doing yard clean ups. We do branch removal, sod removal, dirt removal, mulch removal, etc. All you have to do is point to the pile of debris. Then our 2 man crews will load the yard waste into one of our trucks and haul it away. We rake and/or sweep up any leftover debris so you can reclaim your backyard! And RGV has various recycling contacts around Edinburg Mission McAllen so that a lot of yard debris can be recycled! For example, there are companies in Edinburg Mission McAllen which recycle branches, sod, bushes, clean concrete, clean dirt, rock and metal.

Also, if you are putting in a new fence or deck, RGV will haul away the old one. We do a lot of deck removal and fence removal jobs during the spring and summer months. Again all you have to do is point to the fencing or decking debris and we will load it and haul it away.

Here is a list of the common types of yard debris RGV hauls away:

  • branches
  • limbs
  • stumps
  • trees
  • juniper bushes
  • shrubs
  • river rock
  • landscaping rock
  • railroad ties
  • dirt
  • concrete
  • firewood
  • lumber
  • fencing
  • decking
  • mulch
  • compost
  • dog houses
  • hot tubs
  • patio furniture
  • swing sets

how much does junk removal cost?


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