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Property Clean Out Estate Cleanout Furniture and Junk Removal

Rgv Household Services 956-587-3487 professionally provides local property clean out services in Edinburg McAllen TX. They offer budget-friendly prices. Check them out today. Rgv Household Services 956-587-3487 is a junk removal and cleanout company located Edinburg McAllen TX. They provide junk removal and cleanout services for properties houses apartments retail stores warehouses school offices!

How much does property clean out cost to me? Properties clean out service prices in 2017-2019!

Rgv Household Services 956-587-3487 Cleanout Service provides Furniture and Junk Removal for homes and businesses throughout Alamo TX | Alton TX | Donna TX | Edcouch TX | Edinburg TX | Elsa TX | Granjeno TX | Hidalgo TX | La Joya TX | La Villa TX | McAllen TX | Mercedes TX | Mission TX | Palmhurst TX | Palmview TX | Penitas TX | Pharr TX | Progreso TX | Progreso Lakes TX | San Juan TX | Sullivan City TX | Weslaco TX.

Furniture and Junk Removal from Houses Apartments and Commercial Properties

From One Piece to a Truck Load 

Whether you need to get rid of one piece or have a multiple items to remove. We are here to help......

Sofa - Dresser - Mattress - TV - Fridge   Washer - Dryer - China Cabinet - Wallunit

Our Professional Crew can remove all your Unwanted Furniture, Appliances, TV's and Electronics. We remove Window Treatments, Carpeting & Clean Out Closets as well...  We put all your unwanted stuff in bags and boxes for proper disposal.  Everything is placed in our trucks.  Then we  Broom Sweep the premise and haul everything away........


House     Apartment     Basement     Attic     Garage     Yard     Office     Warehouse

Our Professional Crew has the training, tools and experience to safely remove all your Unwanted Furniture, Appliances, TV's and Electronics.  We recycle what ever we can and dispose of everything else in an environmentally safe and proper manor.

If you are giving away furniture, or need to move it to another location, We can help with that too. We are also Licensed & Insured Movers, so we can also deliver furniture and appliances within the Rio Grande Valley area as well.  Visit our moving services website for more information.


We also purchase entire estates. If you have items that are still of value, you may receive cash for them or they can be applied to reduce the cost of the entire cleanout.

Our Fixed Price Flat Rates are Very Reasonable

There are no hidden costs

CALL US FOR A FREE ON-SITE ESTIMATE! Rgv Household Services 956-587-3487

House and Apartment Cleanout

Need to clean out an apartment, a house or even your office? The Rgv Household Services 956-587-3487 have heard it all: You find yourself with a house where the kids are grown but your home is still filled to the rafters with stuff. Or you are forced to rent a storage unit to make room in your apartment just to walk around. Or you are trying to handle an estate cleanout for a deceased loved one and don’t know where to begin to get rid of years of possessions. Or your tenants have left, but not without leaving you a mess to clean up. When it comes to furniture, junk, furniture, rubbish or waste removal, call us right away.

Our green trucks are familiar sites on the streets of Alamo TX | Alton TX | Donna TX | Edcouch TX | Edinburg TX | Elsa TX | Granjeno TX | Hidalgo TX | La Joya TX | La Villa TX | McAllen TX | Mercedes TX | Mission TX | Palmhurst TX | Palmview TX | Penitas TX | Pharr TX | Progreso TX | Progreso Lakes TX | San Juan TX | Sullivan City TX | Weslaco TX. We’ve been helping your neighbors cleaning out and clearing years of possessions, making room for an uncluttered future.

Our experienced, licensed and insured crews will show up, on time, and efficiently and thoroughly clear up that junk from your garage, old furniture in the attic, junk from your basement and that storage unit stuffed so full, it is threatening to split its seams.

We will sort, bag, dispose of everything that can’t be recycled (we are very environmentally responsible) and even arrange for charitable donation of those items from a home or estate clearance that can be sent to organizations like The Salvation Army or Goodwill, to benefit those less fortunate.

You needn’t worry that we will just take your things, as some companies do, and illegally dump them—garnering you, as owner or Realtor, extra headaches. We videotape what is done with everything we remove from your home or apartment to put your mind at ease and we call the day after the job is completed to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Same day appointments are available and we also offer heavy cleaning services to make your home spotless or to get the unit for which you are landlord ready to rent again as fast as possible.

Our reputation in the Alamo TX | Alton TX | Donna TX | Edcouch TX | Edinburg TX | Elsa TX | Granjeno TX | Hidalgo TX | La Joya TX | La Villa TX | McAllen TX | Mercedes TX | Mission TX | Palmhurst TX | Palmview TX | Penitas TX | Pharr TX | Progreso TX | Progreso Lakes TX | San Juan TX | Sullivan City TX | Weslaco TX Metro areas is a good one and we work hard to keep it that way. We look forward to providing such excellent service to you, too.

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